This is the thing with ‘about’ pages. There is never a good way to structure them. In this weird space, you have to a) come up with witty banter about yourself, or b) list random proud facts akwardy, or c) provide a combination of the two, which makes you double plus cool. Most people know that my volumes of witty banter are tucked away in my mind so that I can surprise and amaze you when we see each other in person. Putting them on the ‘about’ page would be just like never having tasted the white part of the Oreo. Nonetheless, perhaps some who just stumbled upon this and desired to find out more clicked on ‘about’ and got nothing. And disappointment ensued. So I will explain… I had this amazing opportunity to go to China as my first two co-op placements and this blog was spurred by my depature there. I found out when I was in Tahiti that I loved travel blogging. And when I came back and missed Tahiti, and I missed blogging in general. And when one of my closest friends said that he would help me create and host this blog, I became even more enthusiastic. I don’t want this to be just a collection of things that happened, though. It will be the tangents and the highs and the lows and the unknowns that come with such an experience, and will include a degree of randomness which occurs when fingers move faster than thoughts.
Aside: I like comments a lot, so please feel free to add input whenever you feel compelled to. Identity is preferred to anonymity, but hide if you must. Tact is preferred to inconsideration, but be yourself. And, perhaps quite obviously, these are just one person’s impressions of just a small part of China, and do not take into account a whole range of the way things ‘really’ are or they way they seem to be. The only thing I hope this encourages is you coming here yourself and forming your own perspetive.