the better side of bliss

Posted by anya on January 10th, 2010 filed in Uncategorized

I can feel it in myself
when the life-changing current
stops by to take things away.
Shifting situations that aspired to be more.
And as the best of them ignore
the better sides of bliss
they begin to mistake
where the dates
get mixed up
and the hideous faces
keep beautiful smiles
and we all know
where the next steps might take us,
or break us
into slapped faces that are just waiting to cry.
We’re now people who scream
and seem
so very different
while compared to what we could’ve done,
or just might’ve done differently.
Aching from the advice of fools
who’s tools have so little meaning
other than the want to hang on
and feel something real.

(-written by Sean O’Gorman)

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