jigsaw falling into place

Posted by anya on January 10th, 2010 filed in Uncategorized

Digested last night with a cup of coffee and thought about what ran through my head. Oh, nameless, interchangeable, disposable clubs – you offer little except insights into a world I know very little of. Every once in a while, it’s nice to get lost in the smoke-machine and strobe light glow of the bodies around you, pressing against each other awkwardly, some fighting for space, others for less of it. It’s fun to play by the unwritten rules of this society. To look coyly away as your eyes meet someone else’s, to act like your stilletos are the most comfortable pair of slippers you own, to allow mere seconds for snap judgments to manifest inside your brain. And in a strange way, to feel the honestly amidst the caked on make-up and the overbearing cologne. To know that you are all working towards some common goal. To know that you have all come here to have your most carnal instincts converge. Here is a world stripped of subtlety and wit and intrigue. Here is a world of forgone possibilities, replaced by utterly formulaic conclusions and choices. Here is an industry created around this world, repeated ad infinitum.

Radiohead puts it much better than I do:

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