late night special

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I was once told that every time you cry, a part of your heart dies that can never quite be restored. I always have that in the back of my heart when the tears seem to be right on the edge of pouring, when containing them seems like the hardest thing on earth, when nothing seems to help anymore. And then, the pain gets just a little easier, because it’s as if the tears are all of a sudden worth something. Like they’re more than just biology and moisture and reaction. But that they have a weight and an idea behind them, and that they’re somehow not worth wasting just on anything because what if… tears just bring the hear closer to atrophying?

Tennessee Williams said that the longest distance between two places is time. But what of the longest distance between two people? How can the emptiness you feel be measured when you are side by side? What units can adequately gauge all this?

here is the closest approximation

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  1. charlie chan Says:

    isn’t the shortest distance laughter? or a smile?

    so maybe the longest distance is a frown.
    or silence.

  2. anya Says:

    I like that answer a lot. Quit possibly the shortest distance is a smile :)

  3. Adam Says:

    BS low – raiitnaloty high! Really good answer!

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