to all my prototype people

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I’ve always loved “Prototype” by Outkast, and the idea that there exist people who just seem to be built for you. These are probably people you’ll never be together with because of circumstance or time or life or all the other boxes that the world puts around feelings. You can know a prototype person your whole life, so it’s different than, for example, someone you have a fling with but can’t forget. A prototype person can just be there, breathing the same air as you, and you’ll just understand that they are perfect, even though you will never know what their lips taste like.  Knowing that they exist, I think, is more important than being with them. Because the idea that things can be so perfects and so good then becomes a standard to which you compare existing relationships, and it helps you weed out the ones that are less than. Ideally, anyways. I suppose that the majority of people still go for ‘less than’, which is probably not entirely a bad thing. But it’s still important to have prototype people, and I like this comparison more than the idea of “the one”, although I admit that the idea of the prototype can be just as deceptive. Maybe it’s all a lie, and with time people who we thought were our prototypes just become the people we are with. And then they become the people we leave. And sometimes they become the people we can’t stand.  And really, maybe the idea that someone goes so well with you just means that you don’t know them well enough yet. I don’t want that to be my truth, though. I can count my prototype people on one hand, and I’d like to keep believing in them.


I could only find a remix of this song, but it’s actually not bad, so enjoy.

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