who needs facebook when you have a blog?

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1. I just sent an e-mail to whole bunch of co-workers that was only meant to go our HR person. My awesome co-worker Calvin made this situation hilarious.

2. Sometimes, I wonder whether my increasing intolerance towards bullshit is an indicator that I’m raising my standards or of the fact that I’m becoming more unilateral.

3. I don’t remember my first kiss. I am neither happy nor sad about this.

4. I wonder about post-modernism a lot. I used to find comfort in its ambiguity but I find myself increasingly frustrated with it. Related to #2, I suppose.

5. I don’t know a set of parents more willing to compromise and deliberate than mine. I am incredibly thankful for this.

6. I admire those who are willing to challenge my thoughts. I try to never hold grudges against those who do this, although I’m sure I sometimes inadvertently do.

7. This may sound corny, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of setting positive intentions for my actions and thoughts.

8. I also increasingly realize that our minds tell us that we are weaker than we truly are.

9. I’m skeptical of cliches such as “hindsight is 20/20” and “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

10. People who display Indier-than-thou attitudes towards music are generally close-minded douchebags.

11. On that note, I love Coldplay’s “Lost”

12. All my roommates thus far have been pretty great (Amanda, Joe, Ben, Park, Emily). Because of this, I have a deep fear that the next person I live with will be some kind of pyromaniac with an affection for taxidermy.

13. I think that if you can’t laugh at something, you probably don’t care about it that much.

14. I have a penpal that I have only met once in real life. He lives in Cardiff and writes really awesome letters.

15. One of the times I’ve felt the most alone was in the most populated country on Earth.

16. Hope is a dangerous emotion because it leaves a lot of room for disappointment. I wonder what it’s like to be Barack Obama.

17. I realize more and more that I really don’t mind uggs or crocs or other things that I used to be disgusted with.

18. I read the “I saw you” blurbs in the Georgia Strait. Along with Savage Love. I then systematically pick through the newspaper and tear out all the articles I’m interested in and create a little pile (people who have witnessed this call me a freak).

19. I am skeptical of people who trust me before I have earned their trust. It’s then that I begin to question their motives.

20. The best book I read in the past while was “How to Be Good” by Nick Hornby. It was lent to me by my former co-worker Chris, and I wish I had my own copy.

21. I think that people who keep their ringers on their cell phones in the library suck. The David Lam library at UBC is probably the worst place to go if you actually want to concentrate.

22. I think that I’ll forever remember the smell of cedar oil.

23. The glass shards that hang suspended on the ceiling of the Ridington Room at UBC are ominous. Have they not heard that The Big One is coming?!?!

24. I wish I had learned Korean.

25. I’m never sure what people mean when they say that they deserve something.

2 Responses to “who needs facebook when you have a blog?”

  1. roomie Says:

    12. I think your next roommate should be me. I can assure you I’m not a pyromaniac nor into taxidermy. Although I do like to sit by the fireplace with my dog.

    16. “Expectations are disappointments in disguise”. – D. Miller

    17. Keep that one to yourself.

  2. Anna Says:

    What’s wrong with pyromaniacs or taxidermy?

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