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so you know how usually the best way to see whether you understand something is to try to teach it to someone else? and better yet, teach someone by showing instead of by words? This weekend was somewhat like looking through a mirror. I spent time with Amanda and introduced her to the world of Umi. Because everything is so new to her, and asked lots of questions and I had to do my best to explain how things work. and then at one fine moment it hit me: it’s going to be impossible for anyone (save for my dad, Salima, Amanda, and maybe Rose) to understand the full absurdity of my experience here. I don’t take enough time to reflect on all the little crazy things that come together to make my living quarters function. Apparently someone is now making a documentary about the cafe, though. I’m interested to get the perspective of a camera lens.

Uhm, here’s a really badly taken picture of Amanda and me. Thanks for cutting off both our feet and the top of the Parliament building, buddy:

Here’s a list of 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do from some arbitrary website. Hope you don’t feel like too much of a failure after reading it. My comments:
2. I don’t get it. If I know enough to have stumbled upon this article, is that already knowing ‘how to operate a computer.’? who decides that? I’m pretty sure Alex and I have different definitions of what “knowing how to operate a computer” means.
6. “If you can’t cook your own steak and eggs, you probably aren’t going to make it.” steak and eggs? how White can you get?
7. Tell a Story Write a Blog Entry that Captivates People’s Attention (how am I doing, people?)
16. I completely agree.
17. refer to #35.
22. 83.5% of people I know don’t know how to do this.
24. add tweezers to that list.
29. all you need to do to become excellent at this is to go to a Chinese market with Jenya.
35. re: links. If you follow a guide you’re probably going to be doing it wrong.
40. on my short-term to-do list.
49. Must I?
50. this reminds me of one fine day with Kathy Do.
after having read the list off that website (I kind of think it’s rubbish), I am tempted to make my own. I’ll post it up in the future.

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  1. Daniel McLaren Says:

    LOL’d at the “really badly taken picture” comment. Looking forward to your list.

    Daniel McLaren´s last blog post: Roamer Used in Porch Project and Debate Graph

  2. dont_drink_and_date Says:

    omg. i really need to work on 22 and 35.

    and probably a number of others…
    eww 49

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