things fall apart

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I don’t know how to fix the world, even though my professors try to tell me that I one day might come close. And every time I feel the gentle tug of the rope of progress, I see ignorance just around the corner. We are all witness to so many contradictions; droplets of sadness have found their way into a beautiful weekend.

In this Saturday’s Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente did more than just cross lines. She proved that the disgusting elitism that has long defined the “civilized” thought of white people is alive and well.
Here’s the article: link.
Here are two excellent responses: one is by Ben and the other (although not a direct response to the editorial) is by a blogger I’m not yet familiar with.

edit: thinking about it further, it’s not the article itself that scares me the most. I am most terrified of the fact that many others secretly think this way, without having Wente sanction it. I’m scared that there were people who read this and nodded along and then went on to sip their coffee. I’m scared that this editorial will get buried in the rubble of everyday things and routines and will instead transform into offhand remarks and passing thoughts.

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  1. Daniel McLaren Says:

    Phew. I just read the article and several of the comments. Made for a pretty intense morning. |-:

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