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this weekend was really, really great. Salima came to Ottawa and it was wonderful. Better than wonderful. We stayed out late, wandered around, talked, had a watermelon and wine mini-party, drank lots of Vodka, even more beer, slept together in Ben’s bed, caused some destruction, and laughed lots. Time passed by incredibly quickly, and I cannot wait to go see her in Quebec city over Thanksgiving! She is incredible, and I got to see her in an element that was very much her own. And she blossomed. It was lovely to see.

There were other things too. Smiles and hands and words and hints and misunderstandings. There were conversations and silences and lips and moments and little particles of sadness and confusion. It was (is?) all very shaky and unsure, but as it goes, there is beauty in the breakdown.

Sunday night was marked with three conversations from the Pacific time zone. In one of them, I was made to believe that I was a pizza delivery service.

These are the kinds of weekends I never want to forget.

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  1. Anna Says:

    I miss you two. I wanna be a part of the destructions and laughters. Come home, I feel left out!

  2. anya Says:

    oh.my.god. you commented on my blog.

    you must really miss me!

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