the most beautiful shade of yellow i have ever seen

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  1. Kathy Says:

    I am a nice shade of yellow. I think it’s in my SE Asian blood. Thanks baby.

  2. purple Says:

    And to think I laughed at you
    For how you saw the world, with all that empty space inside your heart
    I have to cling to things now, doubles and cigarettes
    Forever trying to find you on the lips, of someone else

    Just take me back, to the start
    When your earthquake, was just cracks
    You must ask yourself everyday
    Just how high, are the highs

    ps. i just cried a little.

  3. Lucas Says:

    We were in The Temple Bar Sunday and saw Dave Browne together with Sharon O’Brien, Clare Peelo and Jenny Duffy pynailg. It was marveless.Back in the Netherlands I followed Dave on my laptop.Congratulations with this record of gitar play. We enjoyed it very much to be in the Temple Bar with all the music, the gitar play and especially the record by Dave.Love from Hans & Antoinette.

  4. Bocha Says:

    Lot of smarts in that posngti!

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