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so, on a lighter note… today I went grocery shopping with my roommate (what do you call someone you live with but don’t share a room with? flatmate? that sounds douchey) Ben. We’ve decided to be all let’s-share-and-cook-and-buy-stuff-together like, even though he doesn’t eat meat or tomatoes and likes tofu and mushrooms. It’s called compromise.
Anyways, today is Sunday, so we wandered a few blocks down to the street to Ottawa’s version of Superstore – it’s called The Independent (wtf.). So there we are… with a cart. We even made a list and forgot it at home. Whenever you buy things jointly, there will always be areas of “whaaat, you eat that?” but thankfully, neither of us are too freaky, except that Ben thinks I’m a weirdo for not knowing what creamed corn is. Plus, I am also trying to account for the fact that I’m only in Ottawa for four months and I cook, well, I kind of never cook. So our kitchen is empty, and Ben says things like “let’s get sugar!” and I’m all like “sugar? why do we need sugar?” he’s like “um, general cooking purposes.” so I concede. pick your battles, people.
Then, onto the soy sauce. He picks up the one with less sodium, and I’m all like “but I love sodium! sodium! let’s get the normal one.” “you know that that’s really bad for you right?” “I know but I loooove sodium” “ok” so he puts the regular one in the cart and we start making our way down the aisle and all of a sudden I’m like “ok ok I will do this. I’m going to change my life, and I’ll start with less sodium. Let’s take the one with less sodium. You win.” So that’s how we end up with the reduced sodium soy sauce. I’m pretty sure I’ll be putting salt on my brown rice.
all in all, it was a wonderful trip with lots of money spent. But now out kitchen kind of looks usable, maybe. Maybe I will even learn how to make a thing or two. If not, there is always canned soup. And tuna. And Dr. Oetker pizza, which is what lunch ended up being.
and now I am off to Parliament to watch the last Lights and Sounds thing with Rose! I love being able to be lame and do tourist things. SUP OTTAWA.

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