and then I discovered there was that

Posted by anya on August 21st, 2008 filed in i feel it all

Okay okay I know that you’re supposed to live in the Now. You’re supposed to touch its sticky wetness, leave it to linger on your lips, run with it, and feel something. But here’s the thing. Sometimes, when you do that and immerse yourself into that feeling, you forget about the big picture. You forget to look at circumstance and time and tangibles and norms and externalities. One fine day, you come across something so small and minute, but which has all the power to bring forward those constraints. They become a wall between you and your hands, which you could have sworn were two balloons just a moment ago. And then you end up sitting at your desk, and no matter how closely you’re trying to look at the screen and its pixels, you can’t see what you saw before and it’s lost. And then you look up and realize that hours have passed, and you’re still trying to bring it back.

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