stay and fight

Posted by anya on August 1st, 2008 filed in Uncategorized

Sometimes I can’t tell where at which point I begin and end. It seems like at the oddest times something happens and I turn into something else. And things are blurry.

It is a cliche that it’s always worse to regret something you didn’t do than something you did. I’m not sure I agree. Rather, I am sure that I don’t agree. It always strange to say that I am sorry. Those three words are never enough to describe exactly what I mean. I am sorry, and if I could take it back I would. I would not do what I did and instead perhaps now we would still be okay. I could fix this with some wit and humor and I could still ask how you’re doing once in a while and invite you to a show. But instead now it’s weird and you’re not saying anything at all.

I’ve been living on roofs made from sin

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  1. Jack's Broken Heart Says:

    this reminded me of this song:

    forever ends within this minute
    why did you choose to end it like this?

    when there was so much left to say, you were soft-spoken, in the hardest way, endless waiting for those things, you could never say, you always knew, how to break my day

    whoever said to have loved and lost is better than never loving, never felt like this!

    and i’ll keep reminding myself to regret.

    ps. i may or may not be crying right now.

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