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I am watching this documentary for maybe the third or fourth time, and it’s simply fantastic. One of the best looks at both English teacher culture and the living experience in Russia. Some of the protagonist’s observations strike so close to what I feel about Russia, and also to how I felt in relation to China. Try to get your hands on a copy. I haven’t been able to watch the end without getting all sappy yet.

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  1. Chelsi Says:

    Please teach the rest of these internet hoangiols how to write and research!

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  3. Says:

    Genial! Yo hago lo mismo, no solo es rapido sino que economizas un monton x que no compras cosas que duermen meses en la alacena. Ahora se me complicó un poco desde que me puse a dieta, hay menu doble!

  4. Says:

    , I’m naturally pulling for Paul or Johnson. If any of the RINOs are on the ticket and the LP deosn’t have a viable candidate, I won’t pull the lever for anyone for Pres. Or maybe I’ll see if the Ohio Bd of Elections permits write-in candidates and I’ll vote for Ludwig von Mises.

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