words don’t come easy

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Have I mentioned that there is practically no overlap between those people who I have on Facebook and those on Twitter? Anyways, the Twitter thing is more tech/blog/media randoms, and from reading their tweets, you definitely know that a lot of acronyms and phrases are used again… and again… and again…:

  • FTW = something that’s great, that did whatever it is you wanted to get done better than anything else you tried. ie/GoogleDocs, FTW!
  • FAIL = kind of like the antonym of FTW. used over and over to describe anything that’s pissing you off. ie/Starbucks = FAIL
  • EPIC FAIL = the above to the nth degree. this combination has most frequently been used to describe the Rogers/iPhone fiasco
  • kthnxbai = i don’t even know what this is about. people mostly use it when they want to seem a little ‘edgy’ or ‘with attitude’ or something. egh.
  • I HAZ [insert whatever you want here] = …or any other combination of lolcats lingo. I find this the most retarded. I despise these cats in the same way I despise Crocs.
  • HTML tags = whenever you want to describe an action or an emotion or something ie/<applause> </applause>

The things I’ve described here are used often, and don’t qualify for premium geek status. They are watered-down geek terms that have been co-opted into average saviness. (Case in point: Andrei used “FAIL” this weekend.) Actually getting XKCD probably bumps you up a level. Knowing what a meme is is useful. Having created one is even better. Being an indie band whose video has ended up as a meme is great (I’m looking at you, Ok Go!). pwn3d, teh, w00t, etc. are out. Don’t even try to do LOL, OMG, WTF, you noob.

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  1. inaequitas Says:

    Bwhaha! Oh the horrors, is this because you aren’t satisfied with the results of the AQ test?

    But, the fact that you are understanding these things is definitely adding to your geek cred. We may agree to disagree on certain aspects – I chuckle at lolcats, and employ kthxbai when appropriate (as with anything, overuse is the bane of such fads). Also, any 1337 5P34K will get you sent to the bit bucket in most circles, but pwnd is here to stay, most likely, for another 5 years or so.

    Extra points for ‘getting’ qdb.us and bash.org, special prize if you get on there with a worthwhile quotation.

    P.S. Should be pseudo-HTML, or XML if you like. HTML is well-defined and doesn’t allow for ‘new’ tags. Both descend from SGML, so if you want mad props, that’s the way to go =)

  2. anya Says:

    I actually never thought of it that way, but yes, maybe it is why I made the post.

    I knew I could count on you to add to this post <3

  3. Daniel McLaren Says:

    I agree with inaequitas on the lolcats, though when I was showing them to Leanne she was like, “why are you showing me cute pictures of animals?” It was mildly embarrassing.

    Also, I used “ftw” incorrectly for months, thinking it was equivalent to “wtf” but prounounced, “fut the wuck.”

    Daniel McLaren’s last blog post: Red Bull Air Race, London 2008

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