my coworkers are funny

Posted by anya on July 29th, 2008 filed in Uncategorized

anthony: “can you show me past copies of the newsletter? I need to have a reference for how to format my useless opinion.”

me: “enej, should I make the staff newletter in the OLT colour scheme?”
enej: “no, go crazy. it doesn’t have to be all official, it’s for fun.”
me: “you’re saying that ’cause nobody’s gonna read it.”
enej: “…”
me: “I will sit next to you at your desk and make sure you read the whole thing.”
enej: *nervous laughter* *walks away*

so I’m harassing people to submit stuff in for the staff newsletter at work. it’s kind of difficult. The staff newsletter has come out, like, twice during the history of the office, and it’s one of those things people politely ignore. I actually Twittered about potentially making the whole newletter in Comic Sans and Wingdings and seeing if anyone would notice.

anyways, finding people to submit stuff is difficult. So far, the newsletter is going to be filled with my thoughts about everything. LIKE A BLOG, BUT MADE IN InDESIGN. bwaha. Oh well, I’m making my cubicle buddies read it (Michael, Seth, and Anthony are super-lucky to be sitting next to me, am I right?).

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