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Posted by anya on July 15th, 2008 filed in Uncategorized

This video is incredible. Made exclusively from data. Learn more about it and make your own version. Or just be jealous that I’m heading to the concert in August.

by the way:
I think that the apocalypse is happening. This blog is turning into a Tumblr. OH DEAR GOD SAVE ME AND GIVE ME SOMETHING INTERESTING TO WRITE ABOUT. I managed to talk about Listening & Boobs for a lot longer than you’d expect yesterday. BR sucks right now.

I also made a Muxtape. It feels old ever since I twittered about it. And I installed some Widgets (look to your right, RSS haters. open up a fresh window, RSS lovers).

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  1. green apron Says:

    thats pretty dope!! that cd $7 at a starbucks near you.

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