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This is just a reminder to myself to stop pretending I understand you or that I can imagine how you feel. Doubt is healthy in this case. I should have been a little more subtle with this one. Reeefresh. Reeeepeat. Start oooover. I feel silly. to assume. to assume this could be something.

how it is possible to miss something that was never there? How is is possible to fill in the gaps of loneliness and sadness with moments that never existed and never will?

I can’t imagine living 200 years ago. In the world of social media, with Facebook and Twitter and Cell Phones, we expect information immediately. It is this very sense of immediacy that ends up driving us crazy when we don’t elicit a response. Can you imagine waiting for a letter 200 years ago? For days, weeks, months. It seems like I can’t even wait for an hour. Uncertainty is becoming more and more immediate. You’re going to figure it out one day, you know. You’re going to figure it out and it’s going to ruin you.

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  1. Anna Says:

    I also wonder how one can miss something that was never there.

    Is it possible we miss the feeling that comes along with the fantasies?

  2. Denver Says:

    Son of a gun, this is so helufpl!

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