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la dee la da. I’m not much of a photographer, but I do end up using my camera when being silly with friends. And well, the time has come for me to get away from Facebook when uploading photos. Facebook is super-easy and cool and share-able and whatever, but there are lots of reasons why it perhaps shouldn’t be the first place I put my photos. so I’ve been thinking about migrating. Everyone who doesn’t do the Facebook thing does the Flickr thing for photos, but I’ve always found the Flickr UI a little counter-intuitive. I don’t like ‘sets’, and my photos aren’t good enough to go into the pools, groups, etc. In the age of Web 2.0, though,  there are myriad other options in terms of photo sharing. One that I was thinking of trying is 72photos, which was recently reviewed by ReadWriteWeb here. There were also some excellent suggestions offered in the comments: ipernity, picasa, photoshop express, 23hq, etc… BUT the advantage of Flickr is that it’s so easy to integrate with WordPress, and I love my WordPress. …although upon investigation, I noticed that 72photos also has a WordPress plugin (although Ipernity doesn’t). And it has some sort of copyright controls, although Flickr uses Creative Commons, which is fantastic. The cool thing about ipernity is that you can share audio, video, etc., not just photos.

hmm… suggestions? are there any other programs I should be aware of? anything else I should consider?

kind of related: I very much dislike iTunes, so Alex told me he would suggest some alternatives. This resulted in an excellent blog post featuring a bunch of great ideas. I haven’t taken my Mac home recently, and I’ve been feeling too guilty to download and try out Cog at the office, so I still have no feedback. But each time I use iTunes I realize how much I really don’t like iTunes, so I’m going to make the switch Wednesday.

not related at all: I set up Twitter to update through my SMS last night. This is going to be good. or really terrible. or something. I’ll try writing from the Zion I show tonight.

A remix of Radiohead’s “All I Need” by AmpLive. brilliant.

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Something I’ve found in this user-contributed content world is that life is often much easier if you go with the popular app. WordPress has so many useful plugins that are missing from other blog platforms simply because a lot of people use it.

    Same goes for something like Flickr: when a developer sits down to build a plugin for a photo-sharing service, chances are (s)he’ll build it for Flickr because either they use it themselves or they want to build it for the largest possible audience.

    Daniel’s last blog post: Radiohead at Glasgow Green

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