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I had to put this up. I’ve been meaning to blog a lot lately, but I find myself busy with… stuff. Or too tired. Anyways, at the e-Strategy Town Hall I attended on Wednesday, kele showed this image during her Twitter presentation. It’s so true it’s scary:

The Town Hall was amazing, by the way. Conferences are great. I can’t believe how many creative, passionate, and awesome people were there :-) It’s so very nice to see social media being used in an educational way. I’m going to post in more detail about some of the things I learned, and hopefully a link to David Wiley’s excellent keynote speech.
Also, how lucky am I to be working in a place where people are truly curious and excited about “the future”? I know that that sounds silly, but I really do believe that open source content, which has been around forever in the realm of technology, is going to stream out into education. Hopefully, the way we look at knowledge production, accessibility, credibility, and learning is going to change.

BY THE WAY… if you haven’t heard, Bill C-61 is here, and it’s attempting to curtail the things I just talked about. Find out more here.

Edit: oops, I totally forgot to put a link so that you can follow me on Twitter. …although I’m pretty sure that everyone who reads this and uses Twitter already follows me anyways. (including Jenya. haha.)

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  1. inaequitas Says:

    I think that’s the brilliance of a service. Going from “that’s a dumb idea” to “holy shit, I never though you could do *that*!”. Twitter is _the_ example at this point.

    You are lucky. To be honest, I think I envy your job quite a bit, at least they way you describe it. Do they have part-time work during the year? ;)

    Oh and… I’ve been a bit spammy on Twitter, I think. Sorry :”) It’s easy to get caught up like that…

  2. anya Says:

    One of the best things about OLT is how much they value student work. I’ll have to update you on a bunch of stuff next time we meet, and talk to you about blog stuff (sunday, perhaps?)

    aaand I don’t think you’ve been spammy at all! I only follow a handful of people, so I don’t actually feel ‘spammed’ very often. so basically… keep it up :)

  3. Keenan Says:

    Well, I’m still at the ‘what the fuck is the point’ stage. I think that part of the graph will be stretched on the X-axis, as I don’t see that changing for a while…

    It’s an interesting concept, but I just can’t understand the popularity. People must be incredibly bored…

    Oh, and Michael Geist has the pre-eminent blog on Canadian copyright issues. I really suggest following it if you care about these travesties. And of course write a letter to your MP and Minister Prentice too. This is a BFD; let’s not be like America and lay down when we’re trodden on.

  4. cherepenka Says:

    hahaha, but seriously i was curious because you kept twittering about it, but i signed up, i looked, i logged out. meh.

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