the kids in the corner

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Last night, we talked about the importance of feeling. Just feeling. It makes me smile knowing that there is someone who is alive in this city.

“but I am alive! ”

I promised myself I would not get tired of this. But now I am, and perhaps so are you. Exhausted by your plainness, your heaviness, and your overstated depth, all I want is time.

Time spent with Kathy makes me both nostalgic and happy. There is a certain way in which we both understand things that is so different and yet complimentary. She caught me in an unguarded moment in a way few people have – and she told me something so simple that I took it and ran with it and ended up with somewhere unknown and beautiful. I’ll never forget the shapes, curves, and colors that defined those moments. And then… nothing.

my hand between your knees, you turn from me, said the trapeze art was wonderful but now…

Sometimes I find the clubbing experience so funny. It’s good people-watching. Feeding to people’s most carnal instincts is easy. It’s breaking past that superficial shell and stimulating them to think that’s the hard part. Although… perhaps I underestimate the importance of the primitive and the surface attraction. I certainly wasn’t thinking about much else while staring obsessively at boy-in-the-white-shirt on Friday night. If I see him ever again I’m going to tell him that it’s wrong to be that ridiculously sexy. Or I’ll just get Andrei to do it for me.

God, it’s embarrassing that my parents read this blog.

Some long-forgotten Moby in here for you.

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  1. boy-in-the-brown-t Says:

    always a pleasure.

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