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so, although I’ve already shown the video for Justice’s “Stress” to Alex, Stefan, Zach, and Andrei, perhaps the other two or three readers of my blog will want to see it.
When Germain showed Jenya and I the video on Friday, I was pretty shocked that Justice put this out in France (Romain Gavras made the video). France, where black people and Arabs are subjected to overt racism and discrimination. Where is issues of the ‘banlieu’s are constantly discussed. Things got so bad that France considered putting in a law to not include one’s name on a resume, because those with Arabic and Musilim-sounding names find it disproportionately different to get job interviews. And, not so shockingly, the video was banned in France, and then got a huge number of Internet plays.

Any reactions? 

I thought about posting this on Beyond Robson, but I’m not sure yet. Apparently, the video has sparked a lot of discussion in France, and judging by the comments to Sean’s May 30th Morning Brew, the same types of conversations are very much alive in Vancouver.

On a lighter note, this is a great example of how a video can make a totally terrible track bearable. I first heard this track on the Ed Banger Vol. 3 compilation, and I thought it was bad, much like the rest of the selection. With this video, though, the track works, so… go Justice. I’m going to post the two tracks I really like off the Ed Banger compilation at a later time. Just so the anticipation doesn’t kill you:
-Busy P feat. MURS – To Protect and Entertain (hilarious lyrics. catchy and fun.)
-DSL – Find Me In The World (the French rap is so sexy. super well-done all around)
-Uffie’s – Robot Oeuf (okay. meh. her other stuff is better)

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  1. Daniel McLaren Says:

    I totally agree with you on the terrible-ness of this track. I’ve got Cross on my playlist and unless I’m in some odd direction of mind I skip it. I really like the track before, though, dvno.

    The video works really well with song, though, especially with the understanding that it’s a commentary on the civil unrest in Paris.

    Interesting comment from a Parisian here:

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