I guess I can’t quite be trusted yet.

Posted by anya on June 3rd, 2008 filed in Uncategorized

So, thinking that there was a chance in hell that I would be eligible, I applied for a job with CSEC. The job sounded super-cool, and since I just got my brand spanking new Canadian Citizenship, I thought that I’d be good to go. Not so, my friends. Not for another decade. I just got a call saying that I need to have been a citizen for 10 years before being able to apply for a job with them. 

another one bites the dust…

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  1. inaequitas Says:

    Hmm I guess they might have different requirements for full time employees, or the job you applied for was higher up the food chain. I remember seeing some co-op jobs for CSEC and they only required a Reliability Status security clearance — one which I was able to obtained only after about 2 years of being a citizen (less, if I come to think about).

    Anyway, government jobs don’t pay that great, unless you get to travel and shoot bad guys and sip Martinis. Hmm… so, you think I’d fit the job? :P

    P.S. You didn’t *really* think they’d be letting spies in the CSEC, did you?

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