5 things that have given me a jolt of inspiration

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“inspiration” is kind of a cheesy word, isn’t it? I always feel as least a little lame using it. But… it’s true that in the last few weeks, five things have happened that have really made me stop and revel in the beauty of the world and its people. I want to remember these:

1) The WordPress Blogger Camp – I really did mean to write about this in more detail, but everything kind of got washed out in the next few days. But the feeling stayed. The feeling of community and nice-ness and excitement and novelty and awe. Awe in the fact that people understand things in a way I will never be able to, and they then share them. And I learn. Slowly. Vancouver has people doing some pretty great things.

2) The Multicultural Potluck – some of the kindest, most wonderful people welcomed me (without knowing me at all!) to share a meal, talk, and just be open. And curious. Curious about me and my experiences and ideas. Although a friend rolled his eyes and said that that’s sooo SWPL, I’m not going to be cynical about this. This was a group of really cool, intelligent people, and I hope to spend more time with them.

3) The Arrival of Anna – this girl is a work of art. 

…I just wish that there was more time to spend together.

4) The Spivakov Concert – he is a Russian violin virtuoso, and wow, did he ever rock it. I loved his whole concert. At the end, he had a guy playing the accordion come accompany him, and wow, did he ever make that thing sound sexy. Even sexier than the accordion in Beirut’s “Nantes”.

5) Bungee Jumping – i want that thrilling feeling more often. It was pretty incredible free-falling for several seconds off a bridge.


what I’m listening to: Blog TO’s (Toronto’s version of Beyond Robson) Toronto muxtape.
**i am going to be making some muxtapes for this blog. just you wait! 

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  1. Daniel Says:

    I have to say WordCamp definitely inspired me, too. I feel I’ve connected—even just a bit—with quite a vibrant little community.

    And I’m super-jealous about bungee jumping! Seeing those photos didn’t help.

    Daniel’s last blog post: What’s the Point of a Business Account for Freelancers?

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