______ has been redefined.

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Thanks to the post of my wonderful Alex and to the pocketbook of my beautiful Jenya, I now have a word. I would be curious to know whether someone can guess it? I don’t know whether it’s one that anyone necessarily associates with the blog, but it’s a word that I enjoy quite a lot. [HINT: Despite popular belief, the word is not: getyourlifetogetherwoman]
In any case, this is a wonderfully creative way to advertise, potentially. I suppose that it’s value really depends on whether people know about it, though. Buuut… so far the site has helped my discover some interesting blogs, including this one.

In the world of links. Here is an interesting site that I’m thinking about trying out:
A more detailed post describing what it is here.
I am not the best at making goals and sticking to them just because I know I should. Example: now. I have a huge term paper due next week, and it is potentially the most complicated one I have dealt with so far in my university career. I have been telling myself not to procrastinate for the last few hours, and was supposed to be at the library early this morning. Instead, I had a major delay due to brunch (meh. food wasn’t bad, but the service and atmosphere were lacking. it took us longer to pay than to get our order.) and shoe shopping (clearance sale – greeeat prices. got very cute red shoes for summer.) And now I am here! blogging. Anyways, I’ll be getting back to the paper now, since it’s now two hours until library closing. I think I’m going to give this website a try, though. Let’s see if I can make productive use of the Internet!

Ooh… also. Another alarmingly interesting site (nothing you didn’t know before, probably. but it was an interesting way to take time away from paper-writing):  PIPL.

5 Responses to “______ has been redefined.”

  1. http://pipl.com/search/?FirstName=Zach&LastName=Williams&City=Seattle&State=WA&Country=US&CategoryID=2&Interface=1 Says:

    is yaletown sanlitur?

  2. charlie chan Says:

    i want to know what it is!

  3. anya Says:

    I think Yaletown is more like Chaoyang Park West Gate (朝阳公园西门) ;)

    aaaand Charlie Chan… it will be revealed very soon! muaha!

  4. Daniel Says:

    I know the word!! *does a little dance*

    …but I cheated.

    You should read about structured procrastination (http://www.structuredprocrastination.com) if you haven’t already. it changed my life! (-;

  5. anya Says:

    Muaha Dan! Nice. There’s a way that I thought one could figure it out by cheating. I’m wondering whether you and I thought of the same way! You should get a word for sketchyd!!

    Anyways, congratulations on being the first :D (shot of tequila for you next time I see you!)

    will take a closer look at structuredprocrastination soon!

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