i can’t believe i got up out of my chair

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to do that.

okay. that is all. this once goes in the ‘mildly obsessed’ department.

A Cuba Joke:
One Cuban young woman complains to another. “He lied to me! He told me that he was a luggage handler! It turns out, he’s nothing but a neurosurgeon!”

Tidbit: Luggage handlers working the tourist hotels often make more in one day than medical doctors receive in a month.

hmm… where does this fit in on your spectrum of equality? of equity? of fairness?

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  1. hackd » on the value of a mind Says:

    […] is considering, today, the matter of fairness. The fairness of incomes where they are not based in the education […]

  2. Armando Says:

    My sweet friend, rdinaeg your story brought tears to my eyes every child is a blessing, yours is simply divine .May God bless you and continue to bless your beautiful family!love ya, Marirosa

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