pi * 10^7 seconds

Posted by anya on February 9th, 2008 filed in Uncategorized

quick indulgence before I inch towards productivity.

i feel like i’ve forgotten everything I wanted to write. hmm… you know that feeling of when something seems so close, and yet when you think about all the hurdles you’ll need to jump over before you get there, it suddenly start to seem really far away? eight days from today, I should be up at Whistler, boarding boarding boarding. have I mentioned how absolutely happy snowboarding makes me? it’s like, for a few hours, you get to escape all the things that make my life right now absolutely placid, and you do as you wish and control the speed, flow, and movement of your body. As you get better at snowboarding, you start to notice how little shifts that you make affect the smoothness of your ride and the angles of your turns. it’s a wonderful feeling. i wish i were as good at surfing as i am at snowboarding. so I could get to that point of being able to tweak movement on a surfboard. and perhaps I could, if i still had the luxury of Tahitian beaches and warm, tropical waters. Perhaps Tofino deserves another chance. I tend to digress a lot. The point is that before I get to do any of this snowboarding stuff, i am going to be steeped in midterms, papers, work (work!), office hours, textbooks, study groups, and numerous other oddities that seep into the life of a typical fourth year (already) student. And it goes on in cycles. Which brings me to the title of this blog, as it relates to time and space and all of its linearity that’s just a little more than a little disheartening.

oh, i also wanted to mention that… you are so undeniably un-Vancouver that it makes me want to know more. and that’s why i sent the e-mail. i want something.

in the midst of this entry, i just received the best day-brightening text from Andrei! i love him.

and i’ve been meaning to start mentioning my favorite blogs on here. actually, it’s ridiculous how many blogs I read (and look at! I peruse a quite a few photoblogs). My feedreader is getting really crowded, and perhaps it is time for spring cleaning. Here’s one of them, though. I absolutely love the title of this blog. Sometimes, it can get bland, and there are a lot of references to things I can never hope of knowing, but there are also moments of sheer brilliance: marginal revolution.

Hah! Okay, last tidbit/proposition: who would like to go to a shooting gallery with me? there is one in the Lower Mainland for which you don’t need a license, membership, etc. $65 for drop-in (shoot-in? har har). Alex, I am eying you as I write this. Vamenos?

one more… last night’s dinner was brilliant. I wish I had taken pictures of all the delicious-ness. Good company makes for fantastic Friday nights. And funny Saturday morning phone conversations.


4 Responses to “pi * 10^7 seconds”

  1. inaequitas Says:

    Ah, you know me so well, my dear :) Let’s!

  2. the_one Says:

    mmmh mmh mmh beautiful. i shall see you up there sunday. cannot wait. seriously.
    we will board until we can’t feel our legs anymore.
    and then we will drink until we can’t feel feelings anymore.
    ps. i have many delicious stories for the hottub.

  3. Anna Cheung Says:

    Did the font change?

  4. inaequitas Says:

    Yes, font has changed. Not hard to revert if it’s an issue with some people (I was doing updates and tweaks a few days ago on this lovely blog).

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