A Day To Remember

Posted by anya on November 26th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

Ladies and gentlemen, China has decided that I am not a threat to its country. My blog has been unblocked. I think that whoever monitors this shit read over my entries and was like “whatever point this girl is trying to make, I don’t see it. seems like incessant rambling about things that don’t matter anyways.” Speaking of which, if you’re getting tired of reading entries which haven’t been about actual life in China, I want to link you again to Zach. It’s not just because he’s said nice things about me in the past, although that helps. It’s because Zach writes so wonderfully about the things which make China China, and he captures them with a degree of humor and detail which few accomplish. I also had the pleasure of spending some time in the company of Zach and Asia (aka, the ones who took the place of Joe and I in Beijing) this weekend, which left me feeling nostalgic and happy. Happy because there are some really wondeful people out there in life, who take life and squeeze what they can out of it, and they have fun doing it.

 I’m so excited! Now I can skip lines and do things like this. And I no longer have to e-mail in my entries – I have the comfort of this box, which will henceforth contain my observations and non-observations. Enjoy!

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  1. Sara Says:

    “seems like incessant rambling about things that don’t matter anyways”

    FALSE. I will have you know that yours is one of my all-time favorite blogs, so much so that I like to leave it to the end when I’m checking my feed because I like to savour it!

    I’ve loved reading your adventures–and they have been adventures, my dear. Every second of this experience is a journey even if it’s happening within your being.

  2. Anna Cheung Says:

    “seems like incessant rambling about things that don’t matter anyways”

    This made me laugh. Out Loud. Not in a fake LOL way, but a real sound waves coming out my mouth way.

    misssss you

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