the logic that is China.

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okay, I just had to make an exception from my i-am-always-too-lazy-to-post-anything-anymore rule to share this with you: (taken from tbj): In order to prevent sexism, the government is passing a law prohibiting women from certain jobs. The reasoning – if the government defines the jobs for which women aren’t suitable, companies won’t be able to discriminate against women seeking jobs in non-unsuitable fields … Sound a little counter- productive? The law will take effect January 1. I LOVE CHINA! Let’s not discriminate by just putting into law that something isn’t suitable for the opposite sex! That way we get the glossed-over save-face discrimination we all know and love! La dee da. Things here are great! Today is a good China day. Found out that I will be getting a visit from my dear friend Andrei in 2 months’ time! Also, today Kathy Do bought a ticket back to China (watch, this will happen to me too… post-China depression…. must come back…), which means I get to see her for one week in the cold Beijing winter. Aaaand… it is my best-est-est friend’s Anna’s 21st birthday today! although she’s getting old, i still love her. make sure to make a grandma joke next time you talk to her!

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  1. Daniel McLaren Says:

    Wow. All I can say is wow. That is messed up. That bit about the women is weird, too, but I can’t believe you actually posted! (-;

    Seriously, though… they’re preventing sexual discrimination by institutionalizing it? I wonder how many people it took to come up with that idea.

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