a little tale of coincidences

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Hey this little story happened in mid-August in Beijing, and I kept meaning to post it. Perhaps only a few people will find this as amusing as I did! ….but those that I know will find it amusing mean a lot. So, I was on my way to Beijing Airport to pick up Heather, who was visiting me for a couple of weeks. The airport was crowded, and I arrived early, so I spent some time walking around. Finally, I made my way down to arrivals. On the escalator, I heard a male English voice behind me. It was someone talking about his new cellphone. He was talking pretty loudly, so I decided to turn around and look. To my great surprise, on the escalator stood BT, accompanied by a Chinese girl. I knew that he was playing a show at Tang club the next night, and I had been contemplating going for a while. Anyways, after we got off the escalator, I stopped and said “Hey, aren’t you BT?” to which he said “yeah.” and the Chinese companionne squealed “Ahh, you are famous!” I then said that I had gone to one of his shows in Vancouver. Mr. Transereau (am I spelling that right?) then proceeded to ask whether I’d be at the show the next night, and I answered that I’d like to come, but that it would depend on several things. He said “well, maybe I’ll see you there!” and then we parted ways. Okay, so that wasn’t so phenomenal, but it immediately made me think of Alex and of the show we’d gone to in Vancouver. Bizzare coincidence to run into BT in Beijing! I didn’t end up going to the Beijing show, which I kind of regret. Oh yeah, and he was wearing the strangest turquoise-green sweat pants! p.s. Gracias to Kathy, this is my first YouTube claim to fame: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOH_FoPHLl8 [admit it. you’ve always wanted to hear me say the words ‘cat sex’.]

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  1. inaequitas Says:

    W00t! Bee Tee :)

    It’s Transeau. I wonder if his companionne really did not know he is famous… groupie maybe?

    *scratches off ‘cat sex’ from list of words*

  2. Ferry Says:

    Confidence is doing what is right for you no mtaetr how tough it gets, no mtaetr how harshly other people criticize and sabotage you.I guarantee that many of the people who will say it can’t be done or held you back will want a slice of the pie.They didn’t earn it, and choose to let their own egos get in the way of understanding and compassion.Support the people who were there for you. Ignore the rest.

  3. http://www.lasmangist.com/ Says:

    Thanks so much Toad! It was almost surreal looking around the whole place. Disney really does go all out to recreate these scenes. Definitely a lot of fun!

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