never underestimate the power of paragraphs!

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maybe I should try entry-level HTML… [p] is that right? [/p] [p] oh i don’t know what I’m doing [/p] [p] do people still use HTML? or am i the equivalent of a computer dinosaur? I wouldn’t be surprised. [/p] [p] this is kind of addictive [/p] [p] okay, this wasn’t the point of this entry: the point was to say that I am GOING TO TRAVEL. whee! south of China, here I come. First up: Guangxi province, then Yunnan province. I am so excited. Plus Heather is coming for a visit! That’s right, I get a travel companionne. [/p] [p] here’s what’s been on my mind: i’ve just finished reading The Tipping Point (thank, Fiona!) and it’s gotten me thinking about the power of context. and how your actions can just… change so suddenly depending on where you are and what specific context is surrounding you. I wonder whether this is my tipping point? or maybe not a tipping point… I’ve also been thinking about the idea of a collective memory, like the kind that couples or good friends share. and how is it affected when there is a split? I wish, sometimes, that I blogged more in detail about my nights about and about all the people I meet and the things that they do. It makes me think of how people are getting rid of seeming limits, or how they are bending theirs in order to do what they want. I love the fact that tomorrow I will wake up in Beijing. I will go to the art district (798) which I haven’t been to yet, and explore! and in the evening Asia is coming from Weifang. And Rob’s show is at the 5:19, where people are friendly and drinks are well-made. And it’s Badr’s last night before Chinese boot camp! and there is a strong possibility of chuan’r at the end. and that my fingers are typing quickly, and that this cafe that I am at is very cute but over-priced (is $3 too much for a coffee? it seems like too much.) next entry will talk about my job. I think I’ve promised to answer the question “so, uh, what do you get paid for?” since I’ve gotten here. (Alex, I remember. btw, did my e-mail not warrant an answer?) [/p]

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  1. Sara Says:

    Hey lady! I was thinking about you the other day as I threw out my poli sci notes. I’ve been keeping up-to-date with your adventure, and I keep thinking to myself that you are pretty damn brave to go off on your own. You should be proud of yourself.

    Talk soon!
    – Sara

  2. Anna Cheung Says:

    How did you end up finding the tipping point? Does it deserve all the high praise that is has received?

    Your entry makes me want to live in another place for a while and experience something other than increasingly frequent bouts of lonliness and boredom.

    Miss you.

    Have fun travelling!

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