ni hao from Beijing

Posted by anya on May 28th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

Test entrrrry. Since it won’t let me log in normally from here.
Beijing is cool so far, but the first few days have been a challenge. more in later entries.
p.s. i got a cell phone. the easiest way to contact me now is by MSN or calling the cellphone. please ask me for the number :)

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  1. Sara Says:

    Hey Girl! What’s your msn? I don’t think I have it… shame about the blog, but hopefully you’ll find some sort of loophole!

    Hope all is well!

    – Sara

  2. andrei Says:

    Hey !! Finally! can you msg me the # on fb or email?
    I’ll call you ASAP. Never did figure out how to use skype – lol.
    Miss you,

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