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Anya is having some trouble accessing her [this] site from Beijing. While I hope it is only temporary, I am setting up a backdoor way for her to be able to post. This to keep in tune with that promise I made =)
If you’re seeing this, I’m one step closer. Apologies if I’ve spammed anyone’s feedreader with my testing.

2 Responses to “hurdles”

  1. Keenan Says:

    Apology accepted =P

    If you run into trouble getting around whatever those tricksy Chinese are up to, drop me a line. Two brains and servers are always better than one :D

  2. inaequitas Says:

    Well for now it seems Anya can post OK. If things change I’ll be sure to let you know and see what we can work out.

    P.S. Nice domain name =)

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