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______-099.jpgLeaving is sad mainly because I won’t get to see Kathy or Zach for a really long time. I can’t believe I’ve gotten so comfortable around them in such a short while. They are both lovely, and they make me think of the world in different ways. They’ve both made a big impact on the way that I view this whole experience, and I am thankful to them. I dearly hope that I will get to see Kathy at the end of the summer if she gets a chance to visit Beijing again (before she comes back to Vancouver!). She is a really fun and kind person, and I just really like spending time with her. She’s also a really good teacher, and I want to learn from her. I also hope that I get a chance to travel with Zach in October. He’s got a rare combination of witty humor, intelligence, and he’s easy to be around. Plus, he’s unafraid to try new things and have his views challenged, which makes him an even better candidate for a travel buddy!


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