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1. I got my residence permit! It looks so good in my passport :) The permit expires on January 9th, which means that I have some options as far as traveling after my contact ends go!!! /pondering

2. Looks like everything is set to go for Beijing. I will probably be leaving on Friday. Apparently, I will be living in an apartment all alone. On the other side of the city from the other co-op student (Joe.) I’m freaked out but very excited.

 3. First pictures are finally up. Click me.

4. This is Zach. He is experiencing this with me, but he offers a different perspective than I do. He’s awesome, and his blog is worth a read.

5. For anyone who is contemplating a visit (and I hope you are.) Here is a rough schedule of how my stay is panning out:

Very End of May until Very End of August:
-In Beijing
-between the end of July and the end of August, I will have a week off for vacation. I am not totally sure when this week will be (that will depend on teaching schedules, etc.) but I will try to confirm a date as soon as possible. Planning to travel to the north of China during this time.

Very End of August (like, 30th or 31st) until Late December:
-Back in Weifang.
-I have one more week to take off for vacation from October 1st until the 7th. During this time, I am hoping to travel to the south of China (towards Shanghai.)

December 22nd:
-Contract with CIBT ends
-if I want to stay here past this date, I may consider traveling somewhere else, such as Hong Kong and/or Macau for Christmas-time.
-i also have the option of extending my contract for a bit longer and working

January 9th:
-Residence permit expires

6. About page finally has content.

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  1. andrei Says:

    the pictures are awesome! keep it up.
    looks like you’re having a good time!!
    i’m still not used that you’re thousands of miles away.

    ps. theres 3 from this sunday. i love the last one. esp. the comment.
    i wish you were my H _ _ _ _ N _ _ !

  2. AnnaCheung Says:

    I’m finally here to engage in this online dialogue and bear witness to your own culutral production. I just wrote an opinion paper on a type of social software and I chose to write about the benefits of blogs. My thesis was that they’re great. It’s for a course that examines the social implications of the new media and information technology. We talked about Foucault’s penopticon design today and I thought of you–not in the sense that elaborate surveillance prison designs prompt me to think of you, but more so in that we’ve talked about Foucault once upon a time. Over good food + sangria (for you). It was nice to hear from you the other day! Though short and, all about me, it was still nice.

    Hope your travels to Beijing went well!!!

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