my uncertainty

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I like the fact that I realize that I know little. Travel makes me see that every day. People like you make me see that every day. When I talk to my friends (in the fullest sense of the word), I mostly end up questioning and questioning again. I am not sure whether I really ever get to a solid conclusion. And I like this. I like the fact that I am in a state of limbo, and that it takes a lot for me to negate or accept something. I obviously have my biases and values, but I would like to think that I am careful about how I let them inflitrate my view points. Sometimes, I am overly optimistic about my abilties to choose, to accept, to question, to keep an open mind. And then there are those moments where my uncertainty turns into this strange akwardness, where I just shut down, become quiet, and can’t say anything at all. And it is then that I wish that I could take a stand, draw concrete lines, and just be certain.

He said, “we don’t want to deconstruct ourselves out of a job.”
But where is that point? Where is that tipping point?

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  1. inaequitas Says:

    I think knowing that there will never be a conclusion is half the reason we’re having those chats and engaging in those kinds of moments. I think it would be rather foolish to expect one and maybe that’s why it’s hard to really talk about some things with just… random people. For many it seems like a waste of time.

    We all wish we were more ignorant sometimes. It is convenient to have those lines – but after you bit the apple, do you want to go back?

  2. inaequitas Says:

    On a fairly related topic:

  3. andrei Says:

    oi vey. a travel blog turned philosophical.
    i have a much more cynical view on all that .. i think you’ve figured that out by now. or perhaps nihilistic,
    whatever you want to classify it as.

    ever since you have been gone it’s all caffeine-free …

    get back in town I wanna paint it black …

    how I miss your ranting …

    do you miss my all time lows ?

  4. Daniel Says:

    whoa that was deep! hey—i got your comment on me bloggy an’ i say sure! link me up! i’ve linked you in my sidebar now too. oh, and where’s the next post? it’s been two whole days!!

    “come back baby… “

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