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Hmm, the site that Alex so kindly set up for me to host photos is only talking to me in Chinese characters… I’m not sure why… I’ll have to get someone at the office to translate before I can put on an album. So I’ll just post a picture of me and 3 of the other co-op students in downtown Weifang after we went cell-phone shopping. Left to right: Joe, Me, Asia, Zach.

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  1. inaequitas Says:

    Heh Joe was in my Phil 338 class. Of course we don’t really know each other but it’s cool to know… Small world :)

    And I also know you in that pic =)

    BTW I think I fixed the issue you were having. I had enabled localization features so your browser were saying you’re in China and the gallery was reacting to that. Back to “English US” only =)

  2. anya Says:

    whoo, the link is in English now :)
    thanks dear!

    …now I just need to not forget to bring my camera cord with me to upload pics

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