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Our apartments are really cool. I live in a rather spacious three-bedroom apartment on the top (sixth) floor of a building which is part of a larger complex. All the buildings in it look very similar, and they remind me of Russia in a strange way. I have my own bedroom, which is quite basic. It has a bed, a small nightstand, and a makeshift closet. We have a small kitchen and two balconies, both of which are closed in by glass (that goes for the whole apartment complex.) Our living room is nice – it has a sectional couch, a coffee table, and a TV and DVD player. Our washroom has a shower and a Western-style toilet (such a toilet is quite uncommon here!) in the same space. We have an unfinished penthouse with an open balcony, but we don’t go there very frequently. A maid also comes to our apartment bi-weekly to help with cleaning the common living areas. You can safely say that we are quite well off compared to many people. The students of the university, for example, live in dorms which consist of one room with eight people. There are toilets on the floors, but the bathing houses are located in separate buildings, and showers are taken communally (well, sex-segregated, of course!). All university students have a curfew at 10:30pm, at which point the dorm doors close for the night. Apparently, they are quite strict about not letting students in past this time!

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  1. Daniel McLaren Says:

    Oh, I hate those floor-toilets! Lucky that you have nice cozy western toilets in your pimp condo. Sounds like fun!

  2. andrei Says:

    bah my comment was erased.
    this sounds just like my livng arrangements in thailand haha .. curfew and all. needless to say it was broken on the first night there. we just had to wake up the guy who had the keys every night – try it – just make sure you bring back a bottle of something for him. ;)
    and a maid anya?? you must be loving that , too bad theres no live-in cook on site :P

    skuchau. a.

  3. anya Says:

    oh, just to clear up the post! I am NOT under curfew, since I am a teacher muahahahaha. I don’t even live on campus, although our apartments are very close. Every day, it’s about a 30 minute walk to work! so yes, we get it good :)

    p.s. Dan— i think we’re the only place in the city (except Wal Mart!) with Western-style toilets. The floor ones aren’t TOO bad once you get used to them. I was expecting a lot worse!

    p.p.s. yes, andrei, i wish someone cooked for me. but seeing as how cheap food it, it’s hard not to eat out all the time. which is sort of like having a cook, right?

  4. andrei Says:

    oh. then it is nothing like my thailand experience. muaha.
    horosho bilo ot tebya uslishat’ !! vot tol’ko zakonchu rabotat’
    poprobuu razobratsya s skype :P … i posvonu :D
    will you bring me a lesser panda? how lesser is it though?

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