going to Beijing!

Posted by anya on May 13th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

yep appartently I will be leaving to work in Beijing for the summer at the end of May! I will be coming back in September and staying in Weifang until the end of December. Eeep, I’m excited! Beijing, I think, will be quite different from Weifang because it is SO HUGE. Weifang is actually not that small – you can find just about everything here. I cannot begin to imagine what the capital is like!

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  1. andrei Says:

    congrats! it’s always fun to experience different cities but in the same country and be able to see/live the difference. i’ve looked at some pics of Weifang and its actually quite impressive .. i guess the lack of pages on it in the travel guide (i gave to you lol) made me believe it was a little town but oh how wrong i was haha … and the size of the population is like enourmous. im learning so much. its great to have friends that travel. ;)

  2. anya Says:

    yeah, I can’t wait until I post pics! That’s why I’m so amazed… there is nothing said about Weifang, and I still think it’s quite big. I can’t even imagine how Beijing will be. Someone told me yesterday that from the airport to downtown is 4 hours!!

  3. Xannon Says:

    Good points all aounrd. Truly appreciated.

  4. bgekrow Says:

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