all the yummy food

Posted by anya on May 9th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

short update before we start lesson planning! (my first day of teaching is tomorrow, eeep!)

i have only been here for 2 days but all the food we have had is absolutely delicious. I am trying so many new things!  “Zhonnguo fan” (Chinese food) in this province is really  awesome. Last night, we went for this special hot pot dinner, and they made a special show for us (yep, foreigners get majorly awesome treatment) and there was a huge pot which was divided into two halves. Spicy and not spicy. Soup with beef, chicken, shrimp, potatoes, rice noodles, and all kinds of veggies was cooked in different broths. anyways, that’s just part of it. YUM. more detail later.

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  1. Jenia Says:

    privet!!!! ja tebe uze napisala e-mail:-))) i dobavila tebya v skype:-)

  2. andrei Says:

    HEY!!! that sounds sooo good. y menya sleni tekut haha.
    i hope there was no aftertaste though. :P
    you have to learn how to cook that zhonnguo fan !!
    and come back and do a dinner like last time. mmh cant wait!!

    ps. skype is way too advanced for me. i dont understand technology

  3. Daniel McLaren Says:

    I was just gonna say “You better be learning how to cook all this” but I noticed Andrei beat me to it! Sounds delishhhhh

  4. sal Says:

    hey darling.. glad to hear youre doing well

    miss you tonnnnnnnnnnes….

    love you

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