i’m here!

Posted by anya on May 8th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

okay, very short blog post to say i got to Weifang safely! Everything is really different and interesting here. Weirdly, parts (especially our apartement building!) remind me of Russia. I AM SO EXCITED! first day of work today… we’re mostly going through orientations and Mandarin lessons. so many first impressions… the university campus is really cool, and our apartment is about a 25 minute walk from it. The weather is great so far – not too cold, not too hot. A more detailed entry will follow!!!

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  1. inaequitas Says:

    Well, well, well, somebody finally made it :) Hello, hun!

  2. anya Says:

    awwwwwwwww eeeeeeee so good to hear from you!!!!

    how is work going thus far? It is my first day at the office, and everything is quite interesting. do you use skype, alex? send me your name if you do

  3. inaequitas Says:

    Hehe.. I do have Skype. Same nickname :) Though right now I should be going to sleep I reckon. But a damned tooth won’t let me :)

    BTW it’s free to talk if others have Skype. It’s if you want to start calling landlines that you have to pay for. Sure you knew that but the other post – that you’ve posted while I’ve been typing this – is kind of unclear on that.

    Cheers and easy workin’! BTW are you GMT+8? There’s more than half a day apart… it’s weird, isn’t it? You’re living ahead of me. The time zones used to be so much more relevant when going around the Earth could be done in 79 or 81 days… but now, with Skype… it’s weird to talk to somebody from the future =)

    Bah this was a Tylenol-3 rant :)


  4. Daniel McLaren Says:

    Hey! Glad you made it. They wasted no time putting you to work, ya? Cheers! D

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